Hey! I’m Ross.

I’m a cross between an adrenaline junkie and a geek that programs and loves tech toys. Most of my days consist of web programming for one site or another, reading about brand new internet technologies and running or riding around in the wilderness near where I live.

I love adventuring, travelling and learning new things. I scuba dive, wakeboard, mountain bike, run and dirtbike, among many other things.

I was in Australia and New Zealand for 4 months in 2009.

I write about a couple things here on TechTrails.

Technology – My day is not complete without using some sort of technology. Computers have fascinated me ever since adding more memory to my first computer and hooking up a second CRT monitor to my computer for the first time.

Personal Development – After finding blogs back in the good old days, I got hooked on Personal Development. I’m not sure I can go a day without thinking how I can make my life better and those around me. I read way too many books in this space.

Find my photos on Flickr.

I write about my outdoor adventures at Pureoutside.com.

Also, come say hi on facebook and twitter, @rosscollicutt.