Life is about Challenges. We all wish we were incredible people that go everywhere and do everything but there’s one problem:  life is riddled with hard work, obstacles to overcome and challenges to work through. Sometimes those challenges are easy and straightforward but often they’re long terrible gauntlets that you have to bash and grind and fight your way through.I find the hardest part is not the obstacle itself and finding help but the motivation to keep working day after day. That energy waxes and wanes and eventually dies on many projects and we’re left with a huge list of unfinished things to do that we don’t even want to look at.To battle that I’m setting some challenges for myself. I have a serious problem with starting too many things and trying to do them all. It doesn’t work, trust me. One thing at a time is the only way to go. I call them Spark Challenges. Just like a spark gets a fire start, a challenge can get a positive habit started for the rest of your life.These challenges are short, usually 1 or 2 months and hard. Once you’ve been through a hard challenge, everything else seems a little easier.I’ll introduce the Spark Challenge at the beginning of the month when I start one and wrap things up at the end. During the challenge I’ll provide updates on how things are going. Everything will be linked from this page. Upcoming ChallengesJanuary-February 2014 – Super Health Challenge – a challenge with way too many moving parts to get fit, eat well, finish projects. Oh and relax too. Past ChallengesOctober 2013 – WritingDecember 2012 – GuitarJanuary 2013 – Health ChallengeNovember 2012 – MeditationJanuary 2010 – Minimalism Challenges IdeasShip it Challenge – Finish as many things as possible over the course of the month. Small tasks, large tasks, anything.Caffeine Challenge – No caffeine for 30 daysFitness Challenge – at least 30 minutes of activity (more than walking) for 30 days straight. Try and mix this one up so that it’s not 30 days straight of the same activity.Guitar – I’ve been dying to learn guitar. There is even one sitting beside me right now staring me in the face. I’ve always put other things higher on the list and it hasn’t gotten done yet. Time for a Spark Challenge.No Paper Books or Magazines – Spend 30 days to finish reading any paper books and magazines and never go back.Meditation – I’ve never tried meditating before but no time like the present to start! FeedbackI’d love to hear what you think about the challenge idea. Is it crazy? Awesome? Meh?Also, are you doing a challenge right now? In the future? I want to hear from you and add to the list.