Start Here

How do you start something?It’s pretty hard. I’d say next to finishing, starting something is the hardest part of doing anything.Often, when I go to start something, I don’t know where to go first. I don’t know what the next steps are to get things rolling. It takes what feels like forever hopping around doing research, talking to people, reading everything I can find, before I feel like I know where I’m supposed to start.I try to start a lot of things (and try to finish them).  I want to help you through the jungle of information out there and provide an easy, straightforward process to starting things.Below you’ll find a list of steps to start some of the things I’ve learned. Within each section there will be 2 types of articles. How-To articles will be step by step instructions and Journal articles will let you know what I’ve been doing. I’ll link to other articles and resources that I found very helpful in the resources sections.I’ll link everything from this page so check back often.So, what are you waiting for?**Why Start?


I wanted to expand my mind and see what the rest of the world was like so I started travelling. I still have many many places to go.


I’ve always wanted to sail but never thought it would be until I retired and could buy the boat of my dreams. What better time than now to start.


Project Management

Everything you do can be a project. Some are big and some are small. There are good ways of doing projects and bad ways. These are some of my experiences.


You’re not going anywhere without some motivation.


Being efficient is a good way to get things done faster.


Challenges are a great way to try something out for a month or 2 and see what it’s like. It also can be a good way to focus on habit creation. I try for regularly monthly challenges when I have the bandwidth. You can follow my challenge escapades over on the Challenges page.More coming soon….