The Life List

Nevis_jump_photoThis is my Life List. I’ll continually be adding and crossing off things that I’ve finished. It’s a to do list, a list of highlights of my life and a personal bio all at the same time. They aren’t in any particular order. If you have your own send me the link! Feel free to comment and add your own at the bottom.

There are a few rules for completing my list items. It doesn’t matter how long it takes unless there is a time limit in the goal. There must be photographic evidence (the first few may not have a photo because I randomly made this rule up at the beginning of 2011). For every goal I complete, I’ll try and come up with a new one to replace it. I’ll be adding random ones when I think of them as well.

  • Work for myself full time
  • Take Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing
  • Spend Christmas and New Years in New York
  • See the Amazon
  • Hike on every continent (2/7)
  • Race on every continent (2/7)
  • Do a 5 day Hike [working on]
  • Climb the tallest mountain on Vancouver Island
  • Go to Everest base camp
  • Run beside Jen Segger, fittest woman in Canada
  • Pull a 360 wakeboarding
  • Participate in the Speights Coast to Coast Adventure Race in New Zealand
  • Run the West Coast Trail
  • Get 1000 people into new outdoor activities
  • Make money from a website
  • Make $1000 total [Working on]
  • Make $1500 a month
  • Work in Thailand
  • Make 10 videos for my blogs
  • Sell one stock photo
  • Get a photo published in a magazine
  • Get a piece of writing published in a magazine
  • Become conversational in French
  • Play 10 songs on a Guitar [working on]
  • Play 10 songs on a piano
  • Fly a helicopter by myself for 30 minutes
  • Sail a boat by myself for 1 weekend [Working on]
  • Take a cooking course in France
  • Take a rally driving course
  • Drive a semi truck
  • Complete a 3 week motorcycle trip to the baja
  • Play a DJ show
  • Do a breakdance solo
  • Place in a photography competition
  • Make a short film

Booyah. Check that one off: Completed Goals

These will all have posts about them soon. Hold your horses, I’m catching up. Throw something at me if you want to hear the story.2013Sail to another countryLaunch 2 products2012Run a full marathon2011Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower2010Complete my first Adventure RaceRun the Juan De Fuca Trail before the end of summer 2010Start a BusinessGet my Motorcycle LicenseRun 5 days a week for a month straight2009Run in a massive race – August 8 2009Dive in Australia on the Great Barrier Reef – June 26 20092008Run a half marathonStart bloggingFriends’ ListsTyler’s List at Advanced Riskology (@tylertervooren)Sean’s List at Location180 (@seanogle)Nate’s List at The Way That You Wander (@whereisnate)JD’s List at Wage Slave Rebel (@JDBentley)Tania’s Life List at Unfluff (@unfluff)Monica’s To Do List at Social Pollination (@monicaobrien)Nicole’s List at Nicole is Better (@nicoleisbetter)Makenzie’s To Do List at AdventurousMom (@MakenzieKelly)Karls’ List at Outdoor Vancouver (@karlwoll)Cody’s List at Thrilling Heroics (@codymckibb)Karen’s List at Chookooloonks (@chookooloonks)Jodi’s List at If You Never Did (@jodisagorin)Markus’ List at Living on Impulse (@livingonimpulse)